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Plan Like Bezos

Get instant access to our unique, Plan like Bezos*, business planning mini-workshop. 

You will discover...

  • How to create a simple one-page plan that will help reach your goals in 2021.
  • Why traditional business plans don't work and what to do instead. 
  • Show you precisely what to measure for optimum results.
  • How to build a plan that is focused, yet flexible enough to adjust for surprises (Think COVID in 2020) 
  • A simple 4 step method to create a powerful execution plan.  


*We developed this strategy by studying Bezo's business planning strategies with Amazon. We will show you exactly how to apply this ingenious concept to your mortgage business.

What People Are Saying:

“FRICKEN DO IT!! YOU NEED THIS! It will give you direction, focus and Scott will walk you through concepts and gently show you where you need to focus by asking a lot of leading questions that make you think. He will get you focused and moving forward to grow your business!”


“...you and your workshop have given me hope to continue my journey as a sub-broker and not quit. I'd say I feel so much less alone in the Broker world because of you.... It's a realistic plan that Brokers can walk away and remember. I've been to conferences and spent lots of money only to remember nothing a month later. In this case, it's simple yet effective. [The workshop] wasn't overwhelming and everyone (not just brokers) should take your workshop. ”


“Scott doesn't wave ideas and processes in front and make you upgrade to learn more. His workshops/courses are very informative and full of examples and templates that are great ammo. ”